Characteristics of our Mechanical Handling Equipment

Mechanical Handling

Tilting and rotating devices are mainly used within the evacuation line of a precast carrousel in order to turn the concrete pieces into their final position for storage by means of an integrated hydraulic system. Clamps or grabs handle complex concrete pieces such as armour units (ACCROPODE™™, Xblock®, ...) for precise positioning. Clamps may also take several pieces at once, moving them by overhead crane from the production building to a storage yard. Closing, locking and opening of the grab may be operated mechanically or hydraulically.

Grabs allow flexible handling thanks to various movement functions such as tilting and rotating. These movements may be combined with all shovel movements, thus offering a large range of handling possibilities. The clamp thus fulfills the technical specifications of the pre-established and very precise positioning of concrete units.

The load capacity depends on the precast piece you need to move: all of our mechanical handling devices are adaptable and will be designed according to your specifications.

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