Characteristics of our Vacuum Handling Equipment

Vacuum Handling

Vacuum technology is not only the safest way to handle concrete pieces; it also offers you a wide range of applications within the precast production plant. Demoulding in a safe and careful way avoiding marks or damages poses a delicate step in precasting and may be best assured by suction cups.

In order to pass to the next work stations, the complex pieces often have to be turned, rotated, tilt or even piled for storage. Almost every movement of a concrete piece of any weight and even with a textured (tactile) or gritted surface is possible with vacuum devices.

Besides the standard equipment, APS also offers tailor made vacuum devices that execute more than one movement, i.e. demoulding and turning without tools or additional resumption. The two-in-one solution may be useful in a limited environment within small production units with shorter finishing and evacuation lines.

The vacuum device for slabs may be equipped with different power systems according to your choice: hydraulic, electric or thermal power. The latter provides more liberty regarding moving space and functioning.

The vacuum device is designed for outdoor use, even under bad weather conditions and temperature variations.

The principle of the suction cup is simple: by creating a vacuum, the atmospheric pressure is cut off within the boundary of the suction cup. The piece is then applied to the suction cup thanks to the atmospheric pressure of 1kg/cm² (varies from 950 to 1030 hPa). Thus on a suction cup of 1m² prevails a pressure of 10 000 kg ! By this physical phenomenon we thus obtain an extremely powerful handling system, which is able to carry out many different handling operations.

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