Characteristics of other concrete precast plants

Other precast plants
Our factories move the moulds, and not the equipment, nor the staff, nor the production machines. Moulds are equipped with guiding wheels and installed on rails in order to transfer them automatically from one work station to the next one. The APS carrousel plants are separated in three parts: working line, curing and evacuation line and may fabricate any concrete piece: manholes, junction or connection boxes, wall panels, plank partition, shafts, frames, slabs, hollow pieces, cable chambers and many more.

The setting of three different zones: working line, curing and evacuation line.

All necessary steps to fabricate a concrete piece are carried out on this line: starting with the preparation (installation of inserts, reinforcement etc.), then concreting, demoulding and finally the cleaning of the formwork. The moulds move forward from one station to the next one every Cx minutes, Cx meaning the longest interval necessary on the work line to move from one step to another, or to be demoulded and then ready for storage.

The curing room is a thermally isolated part in which the moulds are automatically placed in order to accelerate the drying of the concrete. Independent of the exterior temperature and humidity, the concrete compacting will always be done at the same speed. When a mould enters into the curing room, another one leaves it on the other side. The so-called FIFO system (First In, First Out) is applied. Once the concrete pieces have left the curing station they are sent to the evacuation line to be ready for storage.

Once demoulded, the precast pieces are transferred by Acimex vacuum handling equipment to the evacuation line, in order to assemble eventual additional elements such as gaskets, springs, inserts etc.)

Based on more than 25 years of world wide experience in the field of steel mould and their automated production plants for concrete pieces, the advantages of a so-called carrousel are obvious:
  • Reduction of staff and labour cost
  • Improved safety
  • Productivity increase

Moreover you have the possibility to preserve the factory in order to produce different concrete pieces for other projects only by changing the moulds.

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