Characteristics of the railway sleepers precast plant

Railway Sleepers Precast Plant
The traditional plants called long line sleepers factories, which are common around the world, do not allow the production of more than 400 pre-stressed sleepers with a staff of 12 workers per 8 hours shift. APS proposes a new way of production, the carrousel, based on our know-how in the mass production of concrete pieces, in particular of tunnel lining segments. In a building not exceeding 70 X 30 meters and with only 7 workers, storage included, the APS' plant for the production of railway sleepers allows the manufacturing of 640 pre-stressed concrete pieces every eight hours on a completely automated line.

The setting of three different zones: working line, curing and evacuation line.

This area disposes various work stations such as the tensioning of cables, demoulding of railway sleepers or casting. Each one of these stations is stationary with moulds advancing from one station to another every three minutes, which allows the production of four or five sleepers.

In order to accelerate the compacting of the concrete, the moulds advance in a heat insulated space called the "curing chamber". When a set of five moulds enters in the cure room, another set exits ready to be demoulded. This operation is entirely automatic and does not require the presence of any worker or operator.

Once the railway sleepers are demoulded on the working line, they are sent on an additional zone called the "evacuation line" in order to add some accessories (rail pads, toe insulators). At the end of the evacuation line, the concrete sleepers are ready to be stored.

  • Concreting: 1 worker
  • Installation of cables: 3 workers
  • Preparation of the moulds: 2 workers
  • Installation of accessories: 2 workers
  • Storage: 1 worker
  • Cycle time: 3 min
  • Production: 80 sleepers/hour
  • Possibility to produce: 24/7
  • 1 sleeper = 300 kg = 0,125m ³
  • Number of moulds in the factory: 221
  • Number of sleepers per mould: 4
  • Number of steel cables: 4

APS railway sleeper moulds accept the use of all types of fasteners: Pandrol 'e-Clip' & 'fastclip', Tension Clamp, Vossloh, Nabla, ...
Carrousel type factories can be installed by our team in an existing or a new building.

Cleaning and oiling

Moulds preparation for reusing

Accesories fitting

Installing additional equipments in the moulds

Rebar installation

Installing cables into the moulds

Cables pre-stressing

First cables tensioning

Cables stressing

Final cables tensioning



Preparation for curing chamber

Curing chamber (in)

Concrete becomes dry and hard

Curing chamber (in)

Concrete becomes dry and hard


Preparation for the working line

Stress relief of the cables

Demoulding and 180° turning device

Formwork removal of the sleepers and preparation for the finition line

Finition line

Quality checking and accessories installing

Pre-storage stacking

Preparation for the sending towards stockyard
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