Moulds for any type of concrete element

APS, a brand developed by CBE Group, makes the most of its parent company’s knowledge to design tailor-made moulds meant to cast different types of concrete elements. Created in 2013, APS is currently developing on new precast concrete markets, by offering adapted solutions to its clients’ needs.

Moulds meant for various business sectors

APS operates in all business sectors, particularly the harbour sector with armour unit moulds. In order to contain the swell of the sea against dams, rectangular concrete pieces were used for a long time. In the 50’s, a new type of concrete block, named Tetrapod, revolutionized the market. Today, new forms protect coastal shores: Xbloc®, ACCROPODETM, A-Jacks®, Xbase®, ECOPODETM, or CORE-LOCTM. All of these designs can be produced using APS moulds.

moule 1moule 2


The railway industry is also a domain of application where APS can shine, with the design and manufacturing of moulds for the production of pre-stressed sleepers, slabtracks and noise barriers. APS also offers specific solutions for the building industry and the civil engineering sector, with metal formworks for beams, shafts, batteries or even precast houses. Each project is unique and has its own context, which is validated with the client during the studying stage.

Specific moulds for specific projects

CBE Group’s 35 years of experience has allowed APS to gain enough knowledge to produce highly specific tailor-made moulds. The more unusual the demand is, the more we will try to answer it with adapted moulds.

APS focuses on new precast concrete markets, and offers for each project an optimized solution. All the moulds provided by APS are very precise, regardless of their size: CBE Group’s boiler making experience allows APS to provide moulds with a precision of a tenth of a millimeter, and a strong resistance to various constraints.

APS moulds, designed in our Design Office, are made to ensure their durability so as to optimize their reutilization: an important factor for projects which can last several years.

To obtain a fine concrete element, consistent and fitting with the norms that the client requested, the mould has to be flawlessly manufactured. This mould, associated with one of our automated solutions, will ensure a minimum of rejected pieces and will guarantee a high-quality element at the end of the production line.

APS, expert in tailor-made solutions for precast concrete elements production, assists you during your whole project. Do not hesitate to contact us or ask for a quote.