The APS Customer Service

APS has always been close to its clients’ needs, offering them turnkey solutions that allow a close follow-up of their precast concrete project once it is signed. A project manager is assigned to the client during the entire project, while a supervising technician organizes and plans the manufacturing and launching of the plant.

A customized follow-up

To guarantee its clients a customized follow-up, APS stays in direct contact with them during the whole project. Always available, APS technicians are there to answer any question and can also move onsite if necessary.

Precast projects can take several years to become a reality and are now launched worldwide. Our teams’ reactivity reassures our clients and confirms that they made the right choice working with us.

In 2018, APS & CBE Group technicians realized 44 onsite operations.

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Operations of all type

  • Set up of the equipment onsite by a dedicated team of workers
  • Training of the technicians who will work in the plant
  • oWorldwide interventions, by a team chosen according to the type of project and mission
  • Remote assistance
  • Spare parts supply (consignment stock)

APS, expert in tailor-made solutions for precast concrete elements production, assists you during your whole project.Do not hesitate to contact us or ask for a quote.