Constant availability of APS spare parts

Every equipment provided by APS comes with its own batch of spare parts. Beyond that, these parts are available in a very short period of time, and can be sent worldwide.

Recommendations for critical parts

Some parts, more used than others or enduring an important pressure, can wear out faster. A late replacement slows down production and delays the precast concrete project. APS always offers material recommendations to its customers at the beginning of a project, in order to anticipate such problems for special parts.

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The APS consignment stock

Our automated plants, usually unique, demand tailor-made parts. Some of them are included in our onsite consignment stock. It belongs to APS but is available onsite for the client, in order to provide them with an instant solution if necessary. If the stock stays untouched, no additional bill will be charged. However, if the client needs to use a part, he will be charged for it. The stock is refilled every month in case of need.

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APS, expert in tailor-made solutions for precast concrete elements production, assists you during your whole project. Do not hesitate to contact us or ask for a quote.