The Port-la-Nouvelle extension project in France was initiated in December 2019 after almost 10 years of studies. The APS brand provides it with moulds for armour units and a carousel directly imported from Calais, where the construction of the dam has just ended. It is a perfect example of material reconditioning for equipment recycling, which gives a second life to this carousel. CBE Group would like to develop this kind of sustainable action as much as possible in the future.

Port-La Nouvelle, a large harbour extension project

This 300-million-euro project launched by the Occitanie region has been attributed to BOUYGUES TRAVAUX PUBLICS, who then associated with Dutch company BOSKALIS to manage the construction. The Port-la-Nouvelle harbour zone should be extended with the construction of a 2.4 kms breakwater in the North, the dam in the South will be lengthened by 600m, and a dock will be created to install a floating wind park.
APS, the CBE Group brand specialised in the manufacture of moulds for armour units has been chosen to provide ACCROPODE™ moulds (the blocs go from 18 to 45 tons each) and to commission the automated plant.

The automated plant of Calais disassembled after 3 years of production

The carousel installed by APS in 2016 in Calais ended its production of armour units in December 2019, for the construction of the new breakwater of the harbour. The APS team disassembled the plant after revising the equipment, before sending it in spare parts on the construction site of Port-La Nouvelle.
For the first time since the launching of the reconditioning programme, CBE Group succeeds in recycling APS equipment, and takes part, in its own way, in the preservation of the environment.

Commissioning of the carousel in progress

The automated plant in Port-La Nouvelle is currently being installed, and the launching of production is planned for the end of June 2020. Despite the confinement for COVID-19, the APS team has remained mobilised and the timing seems to be respected at the moment.

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