10 000th armour unit for APS automated plant in Calais

At the end of 2016, APS delivered in France its second automated plant for the production of armour units, for the CALAIS PORT 2015 project. In July 2018, the plant cast its 10 000th armour unit out of 13 000 in total.

CALAIS 6345 APS 866x578

Calais, a primary shipyard for the European Union

As soon as 2002, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Calais considered building up a new harbour in the city. It is meant to be “the harbour of the future” and has to take up two challenges: to be able to handle the new ferries and roll on-roll off ships, and to face the traffic increase expected by 2020/2025. In 2015, more than 10 million passengers and 41,5 tons of freight transited through the Calais harbour.

An automated solution provided by APS

In order to be able to build this harbour and to ensure its longevity and safety in regards to water flows, breakwaters needed to be built. These are made of Xbloc® armour units. APS, according to the design produced by Delta Marine Consultants, delivered 162 moulds for armour units of 4 – 6 – 8 - 10 and 12 m³. In July 2018, the plant cast its 10 000th armour unit.

The Calais plant, designed by APS, follows the steps of the first automated plant for the production of armour units built in La Reunion Island, a worldwide premiere launched in 2014. An innovative project, which success allowed APS to sign other international contracts, such as Aberdeen.
Watch an APS automated plant in action, a video made in partnership with Bouygues Construction and DMC

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